Grooming Your Wheaten
Grooming your Wheaten is a necessary task that will keep
it in good condition before the next bath.

Regular grooming schedules are needed to keep the coat
healthy, shiny and mat free. You will also need to provide
regular teeth brushing, nail clipping and eye cleaning.

Talk to your breeder about how to begin and what tools
you will need. You will need to learn how to groom your
dog, so you will know what he is supposed to look like.  
Do NOT leave it up to a groomer. You can't assume a
local groomer knows exactly what to trim and what not to
trim. They may not have received the necessary skill
training to make your Wheaten look like a Wheaten.

If you don't take the tangles out, your Wheaten will, using
the only tools he has-his teeth. However, in the process, he
may break open the skin, creating more problems for you
when you do try to groom him.

Please visit the
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America's
website to discover the right way and wrong way to groom
you pet. It also has lots of useful hints on the right tools,
how to train your Wheaten to be behave while being
groomed and many other useful directions.

You may also consider purchasing the SCWT Owners
Manual and Grooming Chart.