Where to go for Rescue
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Occasionally.  There  are owners who do not or cannot fulfil the commitment they have
made to their pet.

There is help available. Please contact your local club or Rescue organization before
contacting  SCWTCA Rescue.

SCWTC Northern California
Tami & Jim Herzog

SCWTC Southern California
Bonny Snyder

SCWTCA Rescue Committee
Nancy Butler, Chair
PO Box 385
Valerde, NM  87585-0385


If you know of a wheaten in need, Do your best to obtain it and find it a new home. It
would be a good idea to first ascertain that it is indeed a Wheaten. Use the above link
for help in identifying a wheaten.  Many shaggy mixed breeds resemble Wheatens. If you
can't be sure, use your best judgement. It surely can't hurt to save a homeless dog.

It is extremely important to find out if it is human aggressive or dog aggressive before
taking it into your home. You or your dog could be injured. It is critical that the dog be
taken to a vet to make sure it is healthy. You must be careful not to introduce disease into
your own dog's environment.

To place the dog use "word of mouth, your vet, or a newspaper ad.
Lastly, be prepared to spend some money getting vaccinations and grooming. Neuter if

If you have discovered a stray Wheaten, You can also get in touch with the AKC
Companion Animal Rescue.

Through the use of Microchips,  Wheatens and their owners can be reunited quickly.
Their website is