Health issues
Inherited traits and/or diseases that need to be addressed.

Hip Dysplasia needs to be tested in both parents before breeding in
order to prevent future problems, both with your future pet and any
litters down the line.

PLN (Protein-losing Nephropathy and PLE (protein-Losing
Enteropathy) seem to have a high rate of occurrence in the Breed.

You should also be aware of Renal Dysplasia. This has been a
problem in other countries and there have been some cases in the US.

Some Wheatens may also display mild to severe skin allergies.

When looking for a puppy, ASK to see testing results. Do not get a
puppy from someone who has not tested or will not show results.

Your breeder should be able and willing to answer your questions and
prove what they are saying.

If the dogs are not tested, How do they know if they are clean?

Again, please get all the information you can regarding your dogs
history and Wheaten health problems.


Colony Dogs was established to aid in research of Wheaten Health

The AKC also has the Canine Health Foundation which has useful