A Soft Coated Wheaten is not the perfect pet for everyone.

Wheatens generally want to be leaders and can be stubborn and
headstrong. They can be trained but they do require lots of time,
patience and consistency. Families with small children should wait
until the children are older due to the time and attention Wheatens

They are a very alert and intelligent dog. They are very good at
problem-solving and spend a lot of time figuring out how to make
their people give them what they want. Wheatens can maintain an
medium to high energy level its entire lifetime.

Wheatens need to be socialized at an early age and exposed to
many different environments, noises and people.

While a Wheaten is extremely adaptable to either country or city
living, they do require ample daily exercise. They are very energetic.
Wheatens will chase squirrels, rabbits, cars and anything else that
moves. Wheatens need to leashed or in a fenced yard.

Wheatens can and do leap straight up off the floor. They do jump on
people and are leash pullers. A Wheaten needs firm, consistent
discipline, but are sensitive to harsh treatment. They need to be
trained without breaking their high spirits.

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Wheaten Terrier, contact